Lymphatic Drainage Massage and After Liposuction Recovery


medicupping lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system plays a vital role, aiding the immune system by filtering the waste fluid and works with the circulatory system to deliver oxygen and nutrients. ​Medicupping Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses a medical-grade machine to create the suction and pumping movements to create a soothing, consistent and effective treatment without any discomfort.

 starts at $85

G5 Massage Machine Lymphatic Drainage

The G5 works on breaking down fatty deposits, cellulite and dispersing this with excess fluid through the lymphatic system. This wonderful treatment helps with an inch loss, detoxification,  as well as improvement in skin elasticity.

starts at $85 


​The main objective of our MediCupping Lymphatic Drainage Massage is to accelerate the healing process after Liposuction, in the shortest amount of time without pain. Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps reduce fibrosis, scarring, swelling, bruising, and pain. On average 5- 10 weekly or twice a week sessions are recommended. 

First Appointment $145 and up (please allow at least 75 minutes for your appointment ) 

Follow up starts at $85; Ultrasound Massage add $20