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Beauty Nutrition



Beauty Nutrition is the base of nutrients and minerals of what your body needs to thrive at an optimal level. Many of us are busy and do not pay enough attention to what we eat. Cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases are taking a toll on our quality of life, therefore we need to optimize our nutrition.  When you are healthy inside it shows on the outside too!

Why Supplement?

  • reduce the risk of disease
  • maintain optimal health
  • improve the body’s ability to heal itself
  • live longer and stronger

Why M’lis?

Beauty Nutrition Products by M’lis at One With Nature Spa are designed to ensure that the body is receiving a consistent balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients every day. We work with M’lis Wellness Products because they are proven to work and they are genuinely high quality.  M'lis company is a leader in holistic products, programs, and education. 


Premium ingredients without the premium price are what you get with M’lis. There are no fillers, binders or glue your body can’t digest.  This is why all their supplements are in veggie capsules or gel caplets.

Supplement Categories

Detoxification- Cleanse and heal the body to receive optimal nutrition

Weight Loss– Get back to a healthy weight for your body type and become vital again

Contour Body Wrap– Detoxify the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system

Immune System Boost- Strengthen your immune system to battle disease and seasonal bugs

Hormone Fidelity- Restore a feeling of well being and calm to your life

Skin Care Nutrition– Feed your body properly to have clear, radiant, youthful skin.